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​Our Mission

Trail's End Vizsla Club of Oregon (TEVCO) is a regional club dedicated to the breed. Our purpose is:


1) To encourage and promote quality breeding of pure-bred Vizslas. To do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;


2) To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by The American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Vizslas shall be judged;


3) To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of the Vizsla breed and to encourage sports man like competition at dog shows, obedience trials, hunt tests, agility trials, tracking tests and field trials;


4) To conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows, obedience trials, field trials and hunt tests, under the Rules and Regulations of The American Kennel Club.

TEVCO Vizsla
TEVCO Vizsla playing on the beach
Upcoming Events
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now open!

February 13 -15, 2021
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Online auction happening now!

Vizsla Meetup Collage.jpg

A few of our amazing TEVCO members brought their V's along to be part of the "Meet The Breed" booth at the Rose City Classic.

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