Meeting Minutes

TEVCO General Membership Meeting Sept. 14, 2019
Chehalis, WA

Members Present: Eleesa Markham, Jenny Lawson Campanano, Janine Marty, Laurel Zepp, Jill Brennan, Bob Doyle, Lisa and Will Stewart
Guests: Katrina Sullivan, Sheila Wald, Gaelyn Krauser, Bruce Dickey, and Kristina Wald-Torgeson


President – Laurel Zepp – saved for old Business Vice President – Janine Marty- nothing to report

Secretary – Jill Brennan - Reported the August meeting in Enumclaw did not make a quorum, but members present enjoyed sharing lunch. Other correspondence including a supported entry hosted by PSVC and health clinics at Wentachee Kennel Club forwarded via Gale Shay, a letter from AKC regarding supporting their PAC, Specialty shows in British Columbia, and a bill for our insurance were either forwarded to proper officer or posted to the TEVCO Facebook page.

Treasurer – Jenny Lawson Campanano reported showed $5410.41 in the general fund and $2649.32 in the rescue fund.

Rescue – Jennifer LaFord – not present Membership –Dani McCafferty – not present

Old Business:

Field Trial - Bryan Adams – not present

Hunt Test – Bob Doyle – club members wanted to move the hunt test from the location at Sauvies Island for various reasons include flooding and lack of camping. Laurel Zepp looked into new locations and reported that Kristen Fulks (Field of Dreams) would be thrilled to have us – the cost would be 150 for the weekend and they have onsite camping. The fees for judges, food, birds, etc, would be in addition to that.

Fun Fiend Day - Because of previous discussion regarding hunt tests and members wanting more information on training, fun field days and how to run a dog in a hunt test, Laurel reported that we could do a fun day at Field of Dreams on Saturday October 19th The cost would be $20 for the first dog and $10 for the second dog. The use of their homing pigeons would be free but chukars are $13.

Winter Specialty 2020 – Jennifer LaFord was not present, but Jill reported Chintimini Kennel club welcomed our move from February to the April shows. The new date will be April 04, 2020, we finally have judges in place, and all is approved by AKC.
Junior Showmanship: Ms. Georjan Bridger
Regular and Non-Regular classes: Mr. Wim Wellens
Sweepstakes: Ms. Linda Wells
4-6 Beginner Puppy: Ms. Claire L. Mancha
Letter for request for trophy donations has been sent and all but four have been sponsored.

Summer Specialty 2019 – Laurel reported the summer specialty went very well, enough was collected in donations and catalog sales to cover the ringside catering. Ringside catering was well received and appreciated by club members and exhibitors alike.

New Business:

Summer Specialty 2020 - Laurel reported she is willing to continue the summer specialty
Motion: Laurel moved the Club continue to do the summer specialty with the Mt Bachelor KC shows in the same format including ringside the catering in 2020.
Second: Eleesa Markham
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30

TEVCO General Membership Meeting

June 28, 2019

Redmond, OR 3:50 PM

In attendance: Eleesa Markham, Dani McCafferty, Laurel Zepp, Paula & Dan Craig, Misty Lewis, Lisa & Will Stewart, and Guests Gail Contreras, Sheila Wald, Kristina Wald-Torgeson, and Tom & Gail Shay


Reports: President - Laurel Zepp - holding reports for old business

Vice President - Janine Marty - not present

Secretary - Jill Brennan - not present, but reported that all correspondence had been posted to Facebook. Treasurer - Jenny Lawson Campanano - not present

Rescue - Jennifer LaFord - not present but Sheila Wald reported on several recues she had been helping with in conjunction with our interstate vizsla rescue efforts.

Membership - Dani McCafferty - Second reading/voted in Jessica Niggeman, Kronda Adair, and Courtney Schmidig.


Old Business:

Field Trial - Bryan Adams - being held tomorrow at Sauvies Island.

Hunt Test - Bob Doyle - not present, but some discussion regarding what would be needed to do a future hunt test with excellent input from Guest Tom Shay who has organized hunt tests in the past.

Members are still exploring possible future locations Winter Specialty - Jill reported via a phone call that we will be moving the specialty to Chintimini KC (CKC) as AKC would approve that move, but not the move to Greater Clark County. Because there was no decision to made, no motion was necessary. CKC will be getting us judges to choose from in the next few weeks. We will need nominations for Sweepstakes judges.

Summer Specialty - Laurel - would begin in about an hour. Anyone willing to help her set up would be welcomed.

Summer Practice Show & Potluck Picnic - Paula Craig would still like to host a fun match at “camp Craig, Date suggestions will be discussed at a future meeting.


New Business: No new business


Meeting adjourned at 4:15.


Note: Thank you to Gail Contreras for the notes in the secretary’s absence.

TEVCO General Membership Meeting Feb. 23, 2019

Albany, OR 11:20 AM

In attendance: Eleesa Markham, Dani McCafferty, Laurel Zepp, Karen Walker, Bob Doyle, Lisa Stewart, Paula Craig, Janine Marty, Gail Fleming, and Chuck Strong. Minutes from December Meeting were approved by unanimous consent as posted


President - Laurel Zepp -holding reports for old business

Vice President - Janine Marty -no report

Secretary - Jill Brennan -all correspondence posted to Facebook.

Treasurer - Tanaya Everbe -not present

Rescue - Jennifer LaFord -not present

Membership - Dani McCafferty - first reading of Jessica Niggeman, Kronda Adair, and Courtney Schmidig. Second reading/voted Jenny Lawson Campanano into membership unanimously.


Old Business: Field Trial - Bryan Adams -not present but is willing to attend the meeting to secure our grounds. Hunt Test -Bob Doyle –after much discussion regarding how one could get started in the hunt test program and the pro and cons of the Sauvies Island location members decided to explore other location options such as Ankeny Hill, Central Oregon, the Junction City Pheasant Farm, and Field of Dreams. Winter Specialty -Jill reported all was in place for this afternoon, but if anyone wanted to help set up trophies, etc, ringside the help would be welcomed.


Fund Raiser -Laurel reported that from August 2018 through January 2019 was 210 pieces (beer pilsners, wine glasses, and mugs sold -vizsla and wirehair vizsla designs. There were three broken and two missordered pieces. Purchasers paid for shipping. Payments were done via Paypal or checks. TEVCO split the profits for the glasses with Century High School (Misty Lewis) who provided the etching. 200 glasses at cost of $12.50 (set of four) $14 per glass, ( <4) - profit of $1312.50 for the school and $1112.50 for TEVCO (less glass supplies). There were no shipping supply costs because Laure got all of the packing material and boxes for free for Fed Ex ground shipments. Laurel also padded in a bit of shipping costs to each sale and those profits went directly to the club Laurel did all the packing and shipping herself. TEVCO lost a bit on Paypal fees on some sales but those costs were made up on shipping. Laurel did ship one box to Germany -She paid the exact amount for shipping those pieces. Profits from the fundraiser went into restarting the website.

Summer Specialty -Laurel -Mt Bachelor Kennel club has invited us back. Linda Kelley will be judging the evening specialty and MBKC will share judges and allow us to choose our judge for the designated specialty Saturday morning. We will be moving sweepstakes to the Friday show, to make for a less hectic day. Laurel has started shopping for trophies.


New Logo Design - Misty Lewis and her students will submit a few ideas.


Summer Practice Show & Potluck Picnic - Paula Craig would like to host a fun match at “camp Craig. All thought this was a wonderful idea and will discuss possible dates as we get closer to warm weather.


Nominating Committee -Janine Marty, Eleesa Markham-Hofmann, Lisa Stewart President: Laurel VP: Janine Secretary: Jill Treasurer: Jenny Lawson Campanano BOD -Members at Large: Bryan, Bob & Eleesa Other positions: Public education: Jennifer Breeder referral: Janine Sunshine Committee: Misty Lewis & Tanaya Everbe Membership: Dani Nominations were closed and with no one running opposed the secretary cast one official ballot to elect the above slate.


New Business: Winter specialty 2020 –Jill reported that the four day cluster was going to dissolve back to a two day show in 2020. Some concerns about working with the remaining all-breed club where shared. In addition Chuck Strong shared concerns regarding the weather in February. It was decided Jill would contact AKC, Greater Clark County Kennel Club, and Chintimini Kennel Club about the possibilities of moving the winter specialty to either December or April.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15.

Trail’s End Vizsla Club of Oregon General Meeting September 15, 2018

Called to Order - 9:37 AM
Members in Attendance - Jill Brennan, Laurel Zepp, Janine & Chad Marty, and Lisa & Will Stewart.
Guests in Attendance - - Jenny Campanano, Karyn Wirkman, Kari Negraiff, and Clare Peine Officers Reports:

President – Laurel reported that we did not win the 2020 Nationals bid and that the fund raisier was going very well. More detail would be provided under old business.
Secretary – Jill reported that all correspondence had been posted to the facebook site or forwarded to the appropriate officer or committee including information about our insurance, a letter from VCA, and correspondence from AKC.

Treasurer – Tanaya was not present
Rescue Chair Report – Jenni was not present Membership Report – Dani was not present

Old Business
Field Trial – Bryan and Karen are going to take on the 2019 field trial. Bryan will attend the annual meeting meeting with ODFW at the Sauvie Island field office and reserve dates for TEVCO.
Hunt Test - Bryan isn’t going to be able to CHAIR the committee this year, but he will help. There was some discussion about looking into joining another club and doing a double- double. Laurel was going to talk to the folks in the Centeral Oregon NAVDA club.
Winter Show – Judges have been chosen (see below) – and trophies have all be sponsored!:

 Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes - Ms Linda Durham
 Regular & Non-Regular Classes & Junior Showmanship Competition - Mr Elliott B Weiss  4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition - Mrs Debra Ferguson-

Summer Show – Mt Bachelor Kennel Club allowed us to suggest judges for 2019.
We went backwards a bit financially in 2018 on the concurrent show. It was determined if we raise the entry fee by one dollar (across the board) for the “Summer Concurrent Specialty” ONLY that we would have broken even.

Motion 1: Janine moved that we raise all of the entry fees by one dollar for the Summer Concurrent Specialty ONLY.
Second: Jill
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

Fund Raiser – TEVCO and the school technical programs have made 900 dollars in profit on the glassware fund raiser. Laurel and Misty are working hard and selling a lot, but could use a little help with the paypal account. Jenny took a club application and has offered to help Laurel with the fundraiser accounting once she has been voted in as a member.

Club Merchandise – Janine has been in contact with Greg Dutson about the club

merchandise he researched in the past. She will remind him she needs that information.

New Business
Nominating Committee for 2019 - Janine, Lisa, and Jill volunteered to email the current officers and find out who wants to continue and to fill any vacancies.
Versatility Testing - VCA versatility program was explained to members in attendance and it was suggested that this would be an event many members would support. It will be put on the agenda for the December meeting with the goal of sponsoring the tests in 2019 .

Meeting adjourned at 10:23

March 12, 2018

Eleesa called the meeting to order

Jill moved that Laurel Zepp be voted in as president and Tanaya Martinez be voted in as treasurer. Jenny seconded it. Discussion of their qualifications followed.
For: 6 Against: 0 Abstained: 1
Motion carried.

2018 officers:

President - Laurel Zepp
Vice President - Janine Marty'
Treasurer - Tanaya Martinez
Secretary - Jill Brennan
Membership - Dani McCafferty
Past President - Eleesa Markham
Members at Large - Bob Doyle and Bryan Adams

The elected slate of 2018 officers was formally announced. Meeting adjourned at 2:42
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jill Brennan, Secretary.

In attendance: Laurel Zepp, Eleesa Markham, Janine Marty, Jenny Moffit-LaFord, Jill Brennan, Dani McCafferty, Bryan Adams and Bob Doyle.

Trail’s End Vizsla Club of Oregon Annual Membership Meeting Albany, OR
February 24, 2018

Meeting was called to Order at 10:42am by President Eleesa Markham.

In Attendance: Eleesa Markham, Karen Walker, Chuck Strong, Tanaya Martinez, Jill Brennan, Bob Doyle, Lisa Steward, Paula Craig, Kris Cribbins, Sean Lewis, and Dani McCafferty
Guests: Rhonda Johnson & Jenny Hopper

Officer Reports

President: Eleesa mentioned that TEVCO would hold elections later in the meeting and that this was her last meeting as president.
Vice President: Janine Marty was not present
Secretary: Jill Brennan reported that all correspondence had been forwarded up receipt, and that minutes from the 2017 meetings approved/uploaded to the facebook file section.

Treasurer: Jennifer Moffit-LaFord was not present
Membership: TEVCO received applications from Tanaya Martinez and family, Kris Cribbins and family, and Sean and Misty Lewis. The applications were read and all three families voted in by Unanimous Consent.

Old Business

Winter Show 2018: Was slated to start at 1:00pm with Mrs Emily (Fish) Barnhart judging two 4-6 MONTH Beginner Puppies. At 1:10 pm, she would then judge 13 Puppy Sweepstakes entries, and 5 Veteran Sweepstakes entries. At 1:50 pm Mr Terry Stacy would then judge an entry of 40 in the regular and non-regular classes.

Summer Show 2018: Jill reported that all plans were moving forward nicely for our Summer Show – there were a few SNAFUs with AKC due to the added show, but appears to be approved. For the first time, TEVCO was going to hold both a designated specialty and a concurrent specialty. The club was still looking for trophy donations, as the total number of trophies was doubled from the year before due to the added specialty.

Hunt Test and Field Trial: Karen reported that Bryan has dates for both of our events (from the ODFW Jan draw for Sauvies Island). Karen is going to provide secretary services for both events. The planning for the May 19, 2018 is well underway and is approved by AKC. Karen urged all members to come out and support both events, and explained that the hunt test Junior Hunter and the Field Trial Puppy Stakes are both basically instinct test and encouraged everyone to give them a try.

Election of 2018 officers and members of the board: Jill reported the following names were put forth by the nominating committee:
Vice President: Janine Marty
Secretary: Jill Brennan

Membership: Dani McCafferty
BOD: Bob Doyle and Bryan Adams
Nominations were opened from the floor, but no formal nominations were made; therefore, the secretary cast one formal ballot for those nominated thereby electing them to the aforementioned positions. This resulted in two open positions – President and Treasurer. Jill mentioned that Laurel Zepp and Tanaya Martinez were considering the positions:
Laurel - President and Tanaya - Treasurer.
Jill moved that the club give Laurel and Tanaya a few days to think about the positions and should they chose to accept, call a special meeting of the Board to discuss and vote upon their appointments. Bob seconded this and the motion carried via Unanimous Consent.

New Business

2019 Events: Jill moved that TEVCO continue with all four events – the Winter Specialty, the Summer Specialty, the Field Trial, and the Hunt test in 2019, should the host clubs invite us back. Tanaya seconded and the motion carried via Unanimous Consent.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 to eat Pizza.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jill Brennan, Secretary.Trail’s End Vizsla Club of Oregon Special Board of Directors Meeting Via the Internet

Trail’s End Vizsla Club of Oregon
General Membership Meeting

In attendance: Bob Doyle, Karen Walker, Jenny Moffit-Laford, Eleesa Markham, Bryan Adams, Gail Flemming, Jill Brennan, Janine Marty,Paula and Dan Craig, and  Dani and Joe McCaferty were present. 

Call to order: 12:24

Jill moved that the Minutes from October Meeting be accepted as printed and posted.  Bob seconded, passed via unanimous consent. 

Treasurer Report – Gail reported that all records would be turned over to the new treasurer following the meeting and that all balance sheets are up to date and filed for audit.  She also reported that all books have been kept in "Quick Books" accounting. 

Membership Report - Dani reported that we had no new membership applications to be reviewed.

Rescue Report – Jenny reported that we have two middle age males currently in the system, but that we have possible homes.  She also reported recently placing an older girl. She also reported the facebook page is working very well to help her coordinate her efforts.  Finally, rescue is always in need of foster families and transportation and if you would like to help out, please contact her!

Old Business
Nominating Committee Report – The following people were nominated.  Eleesa then asked for nominations from the floor. Upon receiving none, nominations were closed, and the secretary cast one formal ballot voting for, and thereby electing the slate as presented by the nomination committee:

President Eleesa Markham
VP Janine Marty 
Treasurer Jenny Moffit Laford
Secretary Jill Brennan
Membership Dani McCafferty
Member at large Laurel Zepp
Member at large Bob Doyle
Member at large Bryan Adams 

Website – The website still needs redesign and if anyone would like to take this on please contact Eleesa.  Bryan will ask Suzanne Horvath what she would charge to take this on for the club. 

Hunt Test 2017 and Field Trial 2017 – Bryan reported he attended the meeting and secured the same weekends for our tests.  He has also ordered birds and as soon as we can make the change to the new treasurer he will be submitting for reimbursement.  

Summer Specialty 2017 –Jill reported that all paperwork was filed with AKC and our show had been approved!  Thank you to Laurel for coordinating with Mt Bachelor Kennel Club


New business -

 Quick Books – Jenny was going to report the price for a monthly subscription vs purchasing the program outright and will present that to the BOD for approval so that we can get her set up and started in it.  Karen very graciously offered a copy she had, but unfortunately it was an older version and the files would not transfer. 


Winter Specialty 2018 – Jill moved we go forward with the winter specialty at LCKC and MCDF in Feb 2018, if we are invited back.  Bryan seconded it.  Passed via unanimous consent.  

Awards Banquet – Jill reported that John Lewis was interested in having TEVCO do an annual awards banquet.  Jill will speak with John and see if they can put together some recommendations for the next meeting. 


Meeting adjourned at 1:15