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If EVERYTHING you read here is acceptable, then a Vizsla is the perfect addition to your family.

Following are statements taken from the VizslaTalk Facebook page when asked "What you wish you would have known before you got your first V".

1) That “Velcro” means they want to sit on you when you’re sitting on the toilet! #yesterday

2) Don't wear any clothes you want to keep during the Shark puppy phase!!

3) Short red hair will become part of your wardrobe.

4) That her (my Vizsla) not ever going on the couch was the biggest lie I ever told myself!

5) You will never be alone again. Ever. There is no such thing as private time. Bathroom, shower, they’re there. Always.

6) Blanket hogs and spot stealers!

7) They are addictive. There is no treatment. There is no cure. There is only the analgesic of getting another one. And that only works until you need another "fix"and get another, and then...well, you are doomed.

8) They will steal your heart. Life will never be complete any more without a V.

9) No food is safe, ever! And if you don’t like dogs on your couch or in your bed, this is not the breed for you!

10)  Very very talkative. Nonstop.

11) Also can get stressed and become anxious and destructive.

12) Vizslas and blankets! It’s a real thing! Vizslas love to burrow under bedding to sleep.

13) Something we all forget to mention to new Vizsla parents is that they can get a California size King bed and a dog bed next to it , but they will still be under your blanket , by your side making a huge cozy fort out of your bedding while you’re trying to sleep.

14) You will be a good parent once you learn that a Vizsla owns you! You don’t own them! We are all nothing more than Vizsla servants.

15) Their feet smell like Fritos.

16) That you never go to the bathroom alone after getting a V. Don’t ever expect to sit on the toilet alone again!

17) They will climb all over you or stand on your shoulders, if that is the best way to get where they want.

18) That Velcro REALLY means Velcro! Not just following you all over the place but literally trying to become one with you or melt into your skin…People truly do not understand the Velcroness until you have lived with it…and the more Vizslas you have the more flexible your body needs to be because they ALL want to be with you at the same time….

19) Unless they want a dog who will be with you, on you, attached to you and totally in your space 24/7 if possible then a Vizsla might not be for them.

20) It doesn’t matter how big the bed is, two Vizslas take up all the room!

21) That they prefer to sleep IN the bed with you, UNDER the covers, preferably splayed out at right angles to you so you effectively have no bed at all. We had to buy a king size bed when we got our second one!

22) As for counter surfing, I have had entire sticks of butter vanish… entire loaves of bread, hamburger and hot dog buns disappear, with just the plastic bag found in the yard days later, and just recently an entire chunk of very expensive cheese just vanished.

23) Vizslas can leap on top of furniture as effortlessly as a cat.

24) They are not a latchkey dog. They need of your time, training and a lot of exercise - WITH you. Think a dedicated hour a day devoted to your dog - minimum.

25) They need LOTS of exercise and mental stimulation. If you just ignore them, they WILL destroy things out of boredom.

26) Don't get mad when they chew up their toys... and their beds... and blankets... and anything with squeaks.

27) Mine likes to "steal" things she shouldn't have from the table.  She thinks it's a super fun game for me to chase her around the house trying to get the item back.

28) My boy has severe skin allergies and finding the right food for him was challenging. You can't just feed him bargain-basement dog food.

29) Separation anxiety is a real thing. Mine gets depressed when we are gone for long periods of time and gets destructive.

30) I never thought I would ever crate an animal.  It took a little while, but our girl loves her crate now and we don't feel guilty putting her in it when we leave for work.

31) Vizslas are demanding and easily bored, bored Vizslas are not a good thing ! However, if they have freedom to come and go into a large safe area they will find ways to amuse themselves, especially if there are other dogs to play with. Also, be prepared to be sat upon, Vizslas are not called Velcro dogs for nothing!

32) But know running and physical exercise is not enough. 2 miles or 25miles, they need mental exercise. Fetch, tricks, toys, hunting, play with other dogs. Mental exhaustion is the only thing that works.

33) They are sharks as puppies. Those sharp little teeth HURT!

34) Exercise is not just a good idea.. it's vital for your sanity and their health. They must be able to run and also be cuddled. Oddly enough, both are essential to a healthy Vizsla!

35) They are very sensitive and get hurt feelings easily.

36)  For their first 18-24 months they can be a real challenge with tons of energy and a desire to chew.

37) They are very soft. If you raise your voice or hand in training they’re not the dog for you.

38) V’s are always going to be energetic and will need your attention ... they will not “ grew out of it “ and you have to have energy and patience to match them

39) Super Needy for kisses and cuddles. I love the exercise part so never been a problem for me but i cant have a day off. Feeling sick? Rain and wind outside? Broke your leg? We still walking buddy now get my collar.

40) * needy for some just too much ... in general 

* some can be very high energy which does not suit any household
* misconception that they cannot handle disciple can lead to aggressive dominating behaviour
* can be too much for young families 
* need a good amount of exercise averaging 2 hours a day 
* can struggle with being left for long periods of time though this can be managed when young some do not do well
* can be fussy eaters
* poor breeding can lead to health conditions
* the are hunter pointer retrievers and therefore have a natural hunt drive some more than others but this can    be problematic if correct training is not in place
* they can be stubborn 
* they have the same issues as any puppy or young dog with chewing etc 
* they need a lot of stimulation
* they can be vocal
* they do shed hair
* sometimes they are too smart
The list I'm sure could go on
As a breeder I spend most my time trying to put people off the breed as the ones who are right are up for the challenge and often reap the benefits. You get out what you put in. If you are having doubts wait a while to distinguish whether it is general doubt about owning a dog or just vizslas in general.

41) The constant "talking" can get annoying, especially when you are trying to talk to your spouse and they keep interrupting. And the high prey drive is something we weren't used to. She even stalks leaves for goodness sakes!

42)  The bitey gremlin horrible moment they have as puppies are totally debilitating sometimes. 
Hard work as a puppy which im learning now.

43) They don't stop literally lol, They are your shadow, they get into everything, can have bad separation anxiety, and can be super annoying. Go from zero to 100 in no time. However i wouldn't change ours I had no idea how much i would love him before we got him hes our little boy. They are such hard work but worth it.

44) Your life revolves around them, don’t get them because they are cute. They are probably among the most beautiful breeds but they are hard work, it pays off, they are beyond loyal and will bring you so much joy.

45) If you can, borrow one from a friend if you know someone with one, preferably a puppy. It will give you a big idea as to what you’re in for.

46) This breed is truly adding another member to your family. They expect and absolutely should receive an enormous commitment of your time dedicated to their training, need for serious exercise and learning socialization and loving them. For me as a breeder, it is mandatory that they NOT be left for more than 3 hours as a youngster and 5 as an adult.If this dog is not to be one of the most important aspects of your life, a Vizsla is NOT for you!!!!!!

47) Like all dogs not all of them are the same. Some chill some not so chill. The biggest con of a V to me is also the biggest plus depending on you. They are extremely active. Not like anything you think you are used to. They are very intelligent and want/need to be entertained. They are like your kid in the time commitment required. They are not a hey my dog is over there kind of dog. My dog does 29-30k steps a day on his Fitbit. Who do you think keeps him going that whole time? I will give you a hint they won’t play solo.

48) Hazel has redefined my days and made me realize that there are not enough hours to spend with her. The need for exercise is equal to the amount of hanging out. Be prepared to have a really really needy best friend that has some boundary issues. Hazel is the best but it helps that we have two terriers and 2 cats so they can keep her occupied when I work. Good luck! I hope you are 1/2 happy as we are.

49)  A big con for us, is that it is nearly impossible to have guests at our house. He gets so excited when someone comes to the door that it is absolute chaos. What’s worse is that The kids can’t have friends over to play, the screaming and running of kids gets him so worked up he always ends up hurting or scaring someone on accident. Additionally it’s it’s very difficult to do anything outside the house without them, mow the yard/clean out the garage/rake leaves etc.. they know you’re out there and go crazy barking and whining in the house because they want to be with you. It sounds nice/cute but it can be exhausting. I’m sure many here can relate. Your life will revolve around a Vizsla.

50) I thought I was fully prepared for our first. We weren't first time dog owners. I read as much as I could about the breed, and watched videos. I remember my partner saying "are you sure you're ready for a Vizsla?". I remember being a bit mad at him thinking…its just another dog, of course I am ready. 

But nothing prepared me for the ginger kangaroo prancing around my living room. Bode is the only dog to make me cry. I'd sit with my head in my hands thinking "what have we done?".  Its funny now looking back but his early puppyhood wasn't easy for me. But he can't have been that bad as we added another, then two more working breeds. But he was a bit of a shock to my system at first. Now I wouldn't want to live my life without one.

 51) Things that come to mind: Yes, they do shed! Anal gland leakage. Velcro-ness, if you aren't used to tripping over someone everytime you turn around.
Love... So much unconditional love! Vs worship their owners. You become their entire life, and you will feel guilty leaving them.

52) I do not recommend vizslas for most dog owners. The energy, the stickiness and the intelligence are A LOT to handle if you’re not focused and up to the challenge. People who want to be passive dog owners need not apply, our girl needs constant stimulation, training and engagement when we’re home.

53) Con: can be hyper
Pro: forces you to exercise

Con: needs your attention every second of the day 
Pro: makes you feel very loved

Con: thinks he’s a 50 pound lapdog 
Pro: you have a warm snuggly weighted blanket on you at all times 

54) They are constant energy, emotionally needy, Velcro. You can't just have one hanging without it being part of everything you are doing, 
Like having a child. I love this breed so much but believe they aren't for everyone.

55) That they’re super smart and need mental stimulation just as much as physical so you can’t treat them like a dog. Our family literally revolves around ours. And the guilt at leaving them for more than a few hours!!!!! They want to be included in everything like another child.

56)  Minimum 2 hours a day exercise .Serious working dog. super smart super emotional.Amazing breed . Get either two males or two girls .The only way to tire out a V is another V. They will take over your couch and will let them because they truly become family.

57) First and foremost; you don't 'own' a Vizsla, they own you! Velcro IS a thing. They're like Lays Potato Chips. And they'll take hold of your soul so be prepared.... it's a life-changing decision.

Not skittish but energetic. Bed hog. Sensitive (sometimes to a fault).


58) They can train you if you're not careful. Example: a few years ago I realized our Vizslas had trained me to give them treats when I'm on the phone.

59) You have to be a true dog lover! Your life will revolve around the dog! They are so beautiful and they really do want to be with you all the time.

60) We also fell in love with this breed. We researched for a few years before adopting our first boy. We had all the confidence that we could provide a healthy environment for him to thrive.... knowing the exercise requirements, etc. As a young couple who both work full time and raising a family... we found it difficult to consistently provide for his needs. We loved our boys and always had the best intentions. I feel even with our best we still fell short.

61) They are seriously vocal and bossy. And smarter than I am (on most occasions....)

62) Prone to separation anxiety. Difficult to leave alone for long periods of time. Hard to keep off your lap. High energy. Intelligent. Intense. The OPPOSITE of chill.

63) Consider this a new baby. Tons of time required. Training and mental stimulation. If you can provide that; then you will have an amazing dog.

64)  I would say key things to consider 
- they're high energy dogs 
- they're often vocal 
- they're clingy 
- they're allergy prone 

65) They are not a “normal” dog.. they don’t just come for a pat and sit by your side. They want to be IN you, ON you, OVER you. They are obsessed with you.

66) Imagine the highest energy dog you can imagine then multiply that by 5 and that’s what you get for the first 3-4 years at least. Velcro lap dog and that’s a lot of dog on a lap (but I wouldn’t have it any other way). Extremely vocal and pushy when time for a meal and they don’t get daylight savings time change for a while. Quirky things like carry a sock, shoe or pillow or just about anything around constantly. A little neurotic during storms or even when they sense one is coming. All that said. Such a love bug. Not sure I would have the energy to have a V pup again but my 10-11 year old is awesome.

67)  never wanted a dog that shed. I was sold on “Vizsla don’t shed” that was a lie! I “hated”the shedding so much we added a second Vizsla and I would have an army of Vs. there is nothing better than this amazingly, velcroy, goofy, funny, playful, loyal, happy breed

68) So as I am reading this I have a 60 lb blanket. He has licked my arm and is watching the wall for the reflection off of my phone. At this moment he is not hyper but when I got home just over an hour ago I had to greet him before I could greet anyone else in the house. I know everyone has said it before but seriously when people say Velcro they mean it. You can not leave them on the other side of the bathroom door. They have to be there with you. The other big one for us was training. You can't train them like you did your lab or any other dog. You don't leave them behind and go out. You take them with you. To the store, errands, visiting, whatever you are doing or wherever you are going. Also, they are not cheap. We have spent more time at the vets for different things then I have ever spent before. Checking a lump on his leg (went away on its own after a couple months), diarrhea and vomiting (some bacteria in his lower intestines that he had to take special medications for along with special food), he had a bare spot that he has licked all bald on his leg (possible seasonal allergy but hasn't happened since), I could continue but I think you get the picture.

69) They can be very “in your face”, literally, not figuratively.

70) The nickname we have for our boy is "BIF" (balls in face). Because this is how he stands ON us while sitting on the couch and we are trying to watch tv.

71) Agree with everyone and we love her completely. Our V Ruby has completely taken over around here. Luckily, we dont have kids, but she’s prob more demanding then a young child anyways. 

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned and is a realistic point— Vs are expensive dogs. We paid almost $2k for her to begin with. We’ve had more than a few VetER runs in our first year, so pet insurance for us has been completely necessary. Also, you’ll become obsessed with the best food, gear, and accessories... above and beyond the amount of toys, bully sticks, and treats they run through just keeping them busy. We’re also on our 4th soft crate, lol.

72) They are highly sensitive and prone to anxiety and nervousness. Some (like mine) are not good around children. These issues often don't show themselves until they're grown. The energy is off the charts - I walk mine about 6-7 miles a day, and my girl is still running like a crazy thing around the house at 9 at night. If you can't devote enough time for exercise, they will act out by being naughty.

73)  Highly sensitive is an excellent point- you cannot train these dogs like others. You must be gentle, patient, quiet. They are amazing, smart, sensitive, sweet, silly, goofy, energetic, my best ever dogs.

74) Your lap is never big enough.

75) High strung, needs to be by your side, busy or they lose their minds- digging, tearing things up. I had a Vizsla who literally peeled the floor of his crate up so he could escape. They're people dogs, as opposed to dogs that are more interested in other dogs. You'll never go to the bathroom alone again!

76) They are super needy and high maintenance.... our boy is NON-STOP. Currently it takes a 7-12 mile run to really take the edge off. We wouldn’t change our decision knowing what we know now.... that we would be bringing a cling-on nut job into our home. If you have patience, time, and dedication they are an awesome breed but if you want/ need something easier going, low maintenance... don’t get a Vizsla.

77) You need to be as invested in this breed as if you were adopting a human child. That being said they will love you and bring you much joy. 
If you don’t have room in your life for this kind of commitment
I wouldn’t recommend getting one.

78) My boy is stubborn, defiant, anxious, and suffers from both ADHD and selective stupidity...and I love him more and more every single day! He’s the most loving creature on the planet! They’re mischievous as hell, but they make up for it with unconditional love...and plenty of it!

79) Allergy prone, Hyperactivity, Potential anxiety fear/aggression. (Not an issue with my current two, but our first V had this problem).

80) They are always on guard—barking. Needy—bedtime is complicated because everything has to be just so! Ha! I echo the others in that there is never enough room in our bed. They always have to have something in their mouths—socks, shoes, whatever—so our house ALWAYS is covered in random stuff. Otherwise, we’ve been awesomely blessed by the three we’ve had. I never had pups, though. We are toooooo busy for puppies.

81) I got my V and did not plan to have him on the couch or in the bed...well he is not on the bed as I do crate him at night and he is very good with this. Because this breed needs to snuggle and be touching his humans we let him on the couch on his blanket (on me) in the evenings, so he gets his velcro fix and we love it too! The only other con is shedding which is more than I was led to believe

82) Remember how Peter Pan lost his shadow? You will have permanent Second shadow... with the sun shining ALL the time... Day, night, bathroom, shower, eating, etc... and I mean everything... you need to be dedicated! It is like adopting a child. I have trained mine since a puppy... excellent hunter, pointer, tracker, endurance is unbelievable! Best dog you will ever have regarding family if you incorporate it Into your family! And be certain that the V is raised with all family members... especially your children. These dogs need attention! And good training! These dogs have a drive for hunting and thrive well In That atmosphere! Not a dog for condo or small apartment u less you are home a lot and very active outdoors with access to lots of space. Buy from a reputable breeder and watch some of their dogs is action... if they won't let you watch... look elsewhere... some lines better than others!

83) Say goodbye to sleeping alone in your bed. I was adamantly against it...but somehow, I always wake up with her in my arms

84) They crave your undivided attention and need a lot of exercise or they can be destructive or bored. Good training a must. They give their whole heart. You will grieve when they are gone from this earth like no other loss.

85) If you want any alone time... don’t get this breed. They need you more than they need life itself. Ours would take showers with us. She loved the hair dryer, the whole thing. Energy, energy, did anyone mention they have energy. But most of all they need you. If you want that..... and many of us do. Get one and enjoy the love you will receive. They are the best

86) Take a lot of time - exercising, training, playing, whatever. (Not a good dog to fit into the edges of the life of a busy office worker!) The hair they shed is minor but often hard to clean off woven fabrics. The focus-intensity seems to enable obsessive behaviors if you're not adequately involved: digging, barking, etc.

87) If you are a human that is ok with enjoying the following everyday life experiences then a V is not for you:

Peeing and Pooing by yourself and understanding that a FULL inspection of the activity ‘just done’ will be supervised EVERYTIME and INSPECTED .

You will get up before SUNRISE and the V will reposition themselves In your bed and wait for ‘your coffee’ ( theirs ) to be made and brought to bed so they can prepare themselves for your morning walk which becomes your RUN ( look at you! You didn’t know you were an athlete!) 
They are most likely Weight Watchers endorsed and Oprah is making money off them because they will counter surf and make you work out even if it wasn’t on your ‘ schedule’. 

They will invade your personal space and love you and on you like no partner can and your partner will compete for the love of the V. 

Best breed EVER but be ready to be totally LOVED

88) They are perfect.... and perfect “forever toddlers”..... perfect “stalkers” never leaving your side.... and perfect “thief’s” (both steaming your heart, and anything on the counter)..... I believe perfect in every way.

89) They are loving, loyal, intelligent, easy to train, amusing, kind and gentle. 
They need a lot of stimulation otherwise a bored V can be a naughty V. They love to be active and when I mean active. Mine can go for a 3 hour walk through the forest and and an hour later be ready to go again. If you don't have the time to exercise your V trust me your V will let you know about it. 
When they shed their hairs get everywhere. Black is not a colour to we wearing around your V! 
They really are a part of your family and do not like being shut away. They are very sensitive dogs. Mine hates fireworks and thunderstorms and suffers with anxiety. They really do pick up on how you are feeling. To train you need to be calm. They don't do well with a harsh voice or hand. That said the main key to a happy V is one that's had plenty of mind and physical exercise. And plenty of love. Treat them right and you have an amazing pet.

90) Mine went on a 2 hr hike then a swim in the pond with ducks and geese for 20 mins only to get home to nap for 20 mins and ready for more!!!

91)  They are wonderful dogs but they have what my better half calls boundary issues. They want to be on top of you almost constantly. 

Also some people say "we have an active family" the real inquiry there is what do you mean by active? These dogs have a staggering amount of energy. If you don't give them an outlet for that energy they will drive you mad. The energy is best spent by long walks (they will run) off lead. 

92) Don't let the first year get you down. Too many new dog owners give up dogs during training time. And miss the best breed a person could own.

93) Socialize as much and often as possible. If you don't have kids find someone who does and spend time around kids.

94) When you purchase one, you join a secret Vizsla Club - Other Vizsla owners consider you family. They like you JUST because of the type of dog you chose. People will come up to you and say, "Is that a Vizsla?" They have a look on their face that means they are proud because they know what kind of dog it is. Most likely they are groupies. They are proud just to know about the club. Unfortunately most of these people pronounce "Vizsla" wrong. It's ok, we still love them because they think our dogs are the best.

95) They are the velcro dogs, love their humans, want to be with you always, very smart sometimes too smart.

96) If you don't want to deal with...

  • Vigorous exercise requirements

  • Exuberant jumping, especially when young or not exercised enough

  • "Separation anxiety" (destructiveness and barking) when left alone too much

  • Timidity in some lines, or when not socialized enough

  • A distractable mind of his own -- tends to ignore calls and commands when an interesting sight or scent catches his attention

    A Vizsla may not be right for you.

97) They are *VERY* demanding of attention from their humans. I assume for some owners it could be considered a nuisance, but thankfully I find it endearing.

98) When you look in their eyes you will see the soul of a great love, a great clown and a true love of life; that those eyes will take you in, hook, line and sinker and you will not want to get unhooked.

99) They will steal your blankets.  And your bed.  And your food.  And your socks.  And anything that isn't locked up.  Most of all, they will steal your heart.

100) Our girl is just like our kids.  She can't be ignored, is spoiled rotten, doesn't get left alone and is a HUGE part of our family.  Vizslas are not like any other creature out there.  They are their own species.  I can't imagine our lives without our girl in it.

Is a Vizsla right for you?

What to expect with a Vizsla as part of your family...

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