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Q: How do you pronounce Vizsla? 

A:  Veez-shla

Q: Where do Vizslas come from?

A: Hungary

Q: How much exercise does a Vizsla need?

A: Adult Vizslas still need a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes of vigorous daily exercise. Puppies will require 2 hours of play  and exercise a day.

Q: Are Vizslas good running partners?

A: Experienced runners will appreciate the Vizsla's super-athleticism. According to Runner’s World, Vizslas excel at speed, endurance, navigating obstacles, and even jumping. What further sets Vizslas apart is their exceptional trainability, which could be a plus for those who live in busy areas or want to skip a leash.

Q: Do Vizslas shed?

A: Yes, they shed pretty much continuously, though only lightly; although there may be periods when it is more pronounced. The hairs are usually quite short though so it isn't as noticeable as a longer haired dog.

Q: Do Vizslas stink?

A: No, Vizslas do not have the typical "doggy smell"... even when they are wet!  Although for some reason their feet do smell like Fritos.

Q: Are Vizslas good with children?

A: As with any breed, supervision is always recommended when children are around (for the safety of both the dog and the child). Vizslas are a gentle breed and thrive off the high spirit of children.  Plenty of socialization to all ages of people is key for a well-rounded V.

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